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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Passaic County Community College Back to Campus Events

Neither wind not rain nor Hurricane Irene's aftermath kept us away from Passaic County Community College's three branches in New Jersey last week for start of classes. NJ always seems to get the tough weather with its many rivers. Nothing we can do about that, so we kept the gang smiling with Maui Wowi smoothies.

Bates College Back to School Luau

Bates College waaaayyyy up north in Maine had Maui Wowi back again for a late-night welcome event. These students are among the most enthusiastic of any we work with -- and we see hundreds of college campuses every year. We guess it's because they know it's gonna get cold pretty soon, so there's no wasting a beautiful night under the stars.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

New York City College of Technology's First Day of Class Features Tunes and Smoothies

First day of classes at the New York City College of Technology and Maui Wowi was on hand to make smoothies for the crowd. Our blenders were vibrating -- not from blending but from the the loudest music we've ever heard, even for Brooklyn. Good times!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

FIT Welcome Back Event is a Total Fashion Show

Visiting Fashion Institute of Technology is like watching a non-stop fashion show. And on a beautiful day, everyone was out and lookin' good. One of our student ambassadors took these pictures and others you can see here while we were busy blending Maui Wowi smoothies.

Rutgers Camden Welcomes Back Students with Maui Wowi

Welcome Weeks are in high gear all over the country...it's our busiest two weeks of the year. Last night Maui Wowi was at Rutgers' Camden Campus for a post-Irene beautiful evening. Funny how the weather is always amazing after a hurricane!